In order to download the Waste Wise Cities Tool Data Collection Application (WaCT DCA) you are required to enter contact details including your organisation name, address, and telephone number, as well as your name and email address.

This information is used initially to send you a download link and subsequently to keep a record of download for administrative purposes and so that the Waste Wise Cities Team can contact you if deemed necessary - for example if another party has already downloaded the DCA for data collection in the specified city.

Your personal details are never passed to third parties other than as required by national or international law, and are never used for marketing purposes.

When a survey is registed using the tool, a user account is created enabling data to be uploaded to the Waste Wise Cities database on the RWM.Global portal. After registration, support can be requested from the Waste Wise Cities team.

Requesting a download link constitutes acceptance of the the above use of personal data.